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15 Oct 2022
Magnum P.I.
Isabella has been fortunate to work in a variety of locations across the state throughout her career, but one of her most recent projects took her on a flight over the ocean to the gorgeous Hawaii! She appeared in an episode of Magnum P.I. this year in the role of Sierra, a young girl facing a health crisis to which treatment is only available on the mainland...at a high cost. Who knew that this young girl's health problem would get caught up in a ring of illegal activity, but that's how it goes in the world of Magnum and Higgins. Isabella's scene aired in the episode as the team meets Sierra after a mysterious large cash donation was discovered by the nun helping organize the fundraising to get Sierra her needed treatment. Hopefully many of you have seen her episode, and if not, CBS has it available on Paramount+!

With Magnum P.I. filming in Hawaii Isabella was off to the island to film her episode when she learned she booked the role! She was thrilled to film on location, and the added bonus of a mini vacation definitely made it work in name only. There was definitely no boredom or exhaustion to be had when working with this fantastic team involved in putting each episode together. Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks were wonderful to work with, and the crew were very generous and supportive in making sure Isabella had everything she needed and was prepped to film. When not on set, Isabella took time to explore Hawaii, relax, and take in all she could of her time spent there. Thank you to everyone involved for the experience of working on the show, and Isabella is looking forward to seeing where her next adventure lands!

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25 Mar 2021
Girl's Life Magazine!
Isabella recently spoke with Girl's Life Magazine about her recent episode of , getting started in the industry, and advice for youth dealing with ableism. An excerpt can be found below and make sure to visit the Girl's Life website to read the full interview!

Isabella Cuda is living her dream. The fifteen-year-old has landed roles on shows like Sam & Cat and Criminal Minds—all before graduating high school. Most recently, she appeared as Kit on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d. The role had special significance for Isabella, who was born with Spina Bifida Occulta and a tethered spinal cord. Like Kit, she’s had to use a wheelchair at times, but she hasn’t let it stop her from reaching her goals. GL chatted with Isabella about her time on Bunk’d, the celeb that’s her role model and her powerful advice for dealing with ableism.

Girls’ Life: How did you find your passion for acting? When did you get started?

Isabella Cuda: I was about five years old. My family and I were eating dinner at a local restaurant, and I was pretending to be a waitress. I was going around to all these different people at different tables, and writing scribbles down. One of the people I was taking orders from happened to be an agent. She came over to my mom and she said, ‘Your daughter has a lot of great energy, she’d be a really good actress.’ My mom said we could give it a try. The first audition I got, I booked! It was for a national commercial.

GL: You’ve done quite a few roles since you got started. Do you have a favorite of the ones you’ve done so far?

IC: My favorite would probably have to be my most recent one, my character Kit from the Disney Channel show Bunk’d. I really liked playing her because we have a lot in common. I love her fashion style. Plus, she just had surgery like me, and we were both in a wheelchair for a little while. That’s something that I really like bringing awareness to because often, people with disabilities are misrepresented in the media industry.

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12 Mar 2021
If you're a Disney Channel fan hopefully Bunk'd is on your watch list because Isabella was in last week's all new episode! She played the role of Kit, a patient at the Children's Hospital who bonds with Destiny over doing pageants. When Noah takes an interest in Kit he isn't truthful about his own interests which leads to telling Kit he will perform for the children. One confession later, Kit shows how it's possible to understand and forgive someone, and there is a restart on a new friendship.

Isabella had a fantastic time working on the set of Bunk'd. It was a whole lot different filming a television show this time around, but she was happy to be back at it and doing what she loves. The cast and crew were very welcoming and among the busy work schedule there was still opportunity to grab some behind the scenes photos which have been added to the gallery! Thank you to everyone for making this a wonderful work experience, and hopefully everyone has a chance to check out Isabella's episode!

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31 Mar 2020
Bed and Breakfast
What happens when a group of of pre-teens have a tour guide led adventure and stay overnight at a bed and breakfast? If a game of Ouija followed by the scariest moments of their lives crossed your mind then you are all set to check out Bed and Breakfast! Isabella's latest short film has recently been released and her character Kara has quite the different adventure than the one she had been expecting when heading out on her group trip. After being left to turn in for the night by their tour guide this group of friends sets up a game with the paranormal, and what happens next is something neither Kara or any of her friends were anticipating. A copy can be found in the media section, and congratulations to everyone involved on the film's win for People's Choice as well as being in the top three for the Judge's Award during its film festival submission!

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