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21 May 2019
Meet Isabella Cuda
Earlier this year Isabella did a fun interview with the SD Voyager! From her diagnosis of Spina Bifida Occulta at birth to how she got started in the business she had lots to say with the media outlet and make sure to read a snippet of her interview below and view the full article on the SD Voyager Website.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Isabella Cuda.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born in Reston, VA in 2005 to my mom Nicole, a flight attendant and my dad Rick, a pilot. Right after I was born, the doctor noticed a little dimple on my back which turned out to be a tethered spinal cord and Spina Bifida Occulta.

I had successful surgery to untether my spinal cord at 6-month old by Dr. Ben Carson’s gifted hands at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. As you might know, he doesn’t practice medicine anymore and is now the Secretary of HUD.

In 2008, we moved to San Diego North county because of my dad’s new job. When I was five years old, we had dinner at Landings restaurant by Palomar airport I pretended to be a waitress and took orders from customers even though I couldn’t write yet. One of the customers that night happened to be a talent agent, and she was impressed by how outgoing and chatty I was with everyone.

A few months later, I went to a commercial audition with pro golfer Phil Mickelson and booked my first national commercial. I had so much fun with Phil I asked my parents if I could start taking golf lessons. I made a PGAJr. team at age seven and have been golfing ever since. I shot my first Hole in One (126yards) during an NCJGA tournament at Lomas Santa Fe Executive Course two years later.

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10 Mar 2019
Photoshoots & New Layouts!
We are a couple of months into the new year and Isabella is in it to win it! She has a lot of goals for this year both professionally and personally and cannot wait to see what the rest of 2019 brings. She has been busy with photoshoots to update her headshots, working with both Kenneth Dolin and Alex Kruk, and what a fantastic set of photos came out of each of the shoots.

From Kenneth's theatrical shots Isabella got a variety of looks in to use for her castings and he is always so much fun to shoot with at his studio. Isabella's shoot with Alex brought out images for both acting and her portfolio, and they also show just how much Isabella has grown up over the last year as an official teenager! Not only did Bella have a great time in studio with both Kenneth and Alex, but not too long ago she did an exciting photoshoot with Ali Kay as well. Shooting in the hangar Isabella got to incorporate a jet into her images, something that is representative to her upbringing as her father is a pilot and she loves to travel. The images are amazing from this shoot and really unique!

With all of the new images from Isabella's shoot, her website has a new look! A thank you goes out to Kaci Elizabeth for the new main and gallery designs, they look incredible. Make sure to view the new gallery design as you check out the images from all three photoshoots which are now under the photoshoots category. Thank you to Ali, Kenneth and Alex for such a great set of photoshoots, Isabella loves working with you!

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25 Dec 2018
Happy Holidays!
The holiday season is always a magical time of year and Isabella has been enjoying every moment this year. From all of her family's traditions, to decorations and the jolly spirit everywhere it has been a great time of year. Isabella would like to thank everyone reading this for their support this past year and may everyone have an incredible holiday season this year, and may your 2019 be full of happiness! Happy Holidays!

(Banner by Kaci)

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09 Nov 2018
Happy Birthday!
Birthdays are always an exciting reason to get together for a celebration and today everyone is celebrating Isabella! Happy Birthday Isabella! I hope you have an amazing day with your family and friends who all want to make your big day an extra special one. It is not every day you turn thirteen and I hope your first official day as a teenager is an amazing one! Enjoy this milestone birthday with all of the fun you can possibly have, and I hope it is everything you hoped it would be and more. Happy Birthday!

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